EoX Terms and definitions

Published 12 August 2011 by manik0ask

EoX Terms and definitions

1. FEoS = Future-End-of-Sale (just a heads up)

End of Sale Announcement is the notification of the upcoming End of Sale date for the release. This milestone occurs six months prior to the actual End of Sale date.

2. EoS = End-of-Sale (you can’t buy a new one any more)

“End-of-sale” is the last date to order the product through Cisco point-of-sale mechanisms. The product is no longer for sale.

3. EoE End-of-Engineering (no more features will be added [Software])

4. EoSWM End-of-Software-Maint. (no more bugs will be fixed [Hardware])

With EoE/EoSWM, no software releases, or feature upgrades will be made available for this platform. You can continue to use the equipment as you can usually get a hardware support contract until EoCR. However, if a problem is found, Cisco is most likely not going to fix it.

5. EoCR End-of-Contract Renewal (can’t renew contracts anymore)

End of service contract renewal is the date that renewing/extending a service contract for a particular product will discontinue.

6. LDoS Last-Day-of-Support (Cisco TAC won’t take calls anymore)

Last day of support (formerly EoL) is the last date to receive Cisco TAC service and support for the release. After this date, all support services for the release are unavailable, and the product becomes obsolete. Software bug fix support for a release (including software fixes for security vulnerabilities) beyond End of Software Maintenance (EoSW) until the last date of support is provided via successor supported releases.

7. Special Special software release (Temp. Release, should be upgraded ASAP)

End of Software Maintenance (EoSWM) means that no further IOS, or features will be added to this release. We have indicated this from the software point of view that this software is no longer going to be maintained on this platform. Future bugs and/or security fixes will not be made available. If later releases are available, we highly recommend upgrading your IOS and/or firmware.


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