Is it wrong if i want to married?

Published 29 July 2011 by manik0ask



aku ingin menikah..

it’s so easy to say that in front of him, but so hard to say that to my parent.

I’m 24 years old you know?

and he is 31 years old…

It’s not too early for me to married, moreover him..  he so mature dad..


I know the problem is the title of him..

he just ordinary  person who don’t have enough material.

he don’t have a great job.

he don’t have same ethnic with us.

he don’t have same level with us.

he bla bla bla..

it is too many bla bla bla from you dad..

You always seeing in one point of view..


I think that’s not 100% true.

I believe “laki-laki yang baik untuk wanita yang baik”

I believe, if I do the right things in the right way, I will get guy who looks like me.


Pa, Manik cuma pengen tidak semakin terjerumus di jalan yang sesat, di jalan yang tidak di ridhoi Allah.

Makanya, Manik berusaha untuk meluruskan jalan dengan meminta papa merestui manik dan dia.

Dan yang terpenting, manik ga mengejar harta, jabatan, title, ataupun yang bersifat keduniawian.

It’s enough for me,  I can do my self to do that, i don’t need guy who have all of that.

I just find the guy who can lead me into Surga Allah.


Rejeki sudah ada yang ngatur, dan ga akan tertukar.

Jadi jangan khawatir jika nanti Manik menikah dengan dia yang serba kekurangan, akan membuat Manik sengsara.

Happiness can’t be measured from how much the material we have but how much affection and respect we can give.


Give me one chance dad, I will do the best.




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