Notes tentang kerjaan

Published 16 June 2011 by manik0ask

RP/0/RP1/CPU0::Jun 16 13:19:47.393 UMT: ospf[352]: %ROUTING-OSPF-5-ADJCHG : Process 1, Nbr on TenGigE0/7/5/0.99 in area 50 from EXSTART to DOWN, Neighbor Down: too many DBD retransmissions,vrf default vrfid 0x60000000
Artinya : MTU nya beda, makanya ada notif2 kayak gini..
Solusi : MTU needs to match for an OSPF adjacency to form!

1. Change the system MTU on the switch. – (3560 system mtu(requires a reboot)
or system mtu routing (no reboot))
2. Configure ip ospf mtu-ignore. (this is needed only on one side)
3. configure a MTU on the VLAN interface with the “IP MTU” command.
(on a 3550)



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