Hayo ngaku yg merasa menjadi istri “CCIE to be”

Published 16 June 2011 by manik0ask

Nemu di web orang nih..
ternyata sampai segitunya..



Loneliness, boring hours and silence is for me,
meet me i’m the wife of a CCIE-to-be,

Nothing to do but to read the stories of wizards and witches,
while my husband stare at his routers and switches,

My days have become long and drab,
only because he has to give his lab,

To him i wouldn’t look so dull and drony,
If only he’d leave alone his IP Telephony,

For me,no outing no romance no disco,
ah! how i hate this word “CISCO”,

We could better discuss and plan OUR future,
but no! he’s more interested in MPLS architecture,

I love him with all my heart and body and soul,
but he has eyes only for the routing protocol,

I have to beg him to take me to a mall,
between him and me is always a “firewall”,

My good old “cisco-free” days are lost in a mist,
I sure wish i could use his “access list”,

My woes are as vast and as deep as a sea,
meet me im the wife of a CCIE-to-be……



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